• No Olympians: Inside the Fight Against Capitalist Mega-Sports in Los Angeles, Tokyo and Beyond
  • Power Games: a timely, no-holds barred, critical political history of the modern Olympic Games.
  • In Activism and the Olympics, Boykoff provides a critical overview of the Olympic industry and its political opponents in the modern era.
  • Celebration capitalism is marked by dubious public-private partnerships, a state of exception, unfettered commercialism, the suppression of dissent, questionable sustainability claims, and the complicity of the mainstream media.
  • Activists in Vancouver, Canada put forth creative, complex dissent to challenge the Olympic juggernaut.
  • Press conference with Misako Ichimura of Hangorin No Kai in Tokyo
  • The International Olympic Committee "is elitist, domineering and crassly commercial at its core."
  • The London 2012 Summer Olympics generated significant political activism, a moment of movements.
  • Boykoff has written numerous essays on the politics and economics of the Olympic Games for the Guardian.
  • Speaking with Alliance for Democracy about the Olympics Games, capitalism, and political activism.




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